Applying for Mexico Auto Insurance

If you are planning a driving trip through Mexico, note that your United States auto insurance policy may not be valid once you cross the border. As you plan your trip, add applying for Mexico Auto Insurance to your list of things to prepare. This week, UNO Insurance Agency in Phoenix, Arizona is here to help walk you through the process.

What You Will Need to Apply for Mexico Auto Insurance

Start the process of applying for Mexico Auto Insurance well before you plan to leave on your trip. It is very similar to applying for your U.S. auto insurance plan. You can contact UNO Insurance Agency to ask for quotes. You must work with an authorized provider for Mexico Auto Insurance. If you are uncertain how often or when you will travel, you can apply for a plan that will cover you for an extended period, such as six months. You can obtain the minimum liability coverage, or, you can get plans that are more comprehensive. Some plans even include representation and coverage for legal costs if you are in an accident and are held in jail or questioned by Mexico authorities.

Documents to Drive Your Car into Mexico

After you apply for Mexico Auto Insurance, you should prepare additional documents before you drive your car across the border. These documents include:

  • Title or proof that you own the car you are driving (or proof it is a car you rented).
  • Your United States auto registration.
  • A statement from any lenders authorizing the car to go into Mexico.
  • Mexico permits and tourist cards.
  • Identification and/or your passport or birth certificate (ensure your documents will allow you to return to the U.S.).
  • A major credit card.
  • Copies of your U.S. and Mexico Auto Insurance.

It is also important to equip your car with emergency road supplies, such as jumpers and tire changers, in case you cannot reach roadside assistance or a mechanic if you have a break down. Prepare both your documents and your vehicle thoroughly before you head out.

Research where you Plan to Drive

It is important to try to learn some of the language and customs when you travel to a foreign country. Mexico signage is typically in Spanish, and they use the metric system. The laws for safety and regulation of vehicles in Mexico may differ. It is important to carry cash in the currency where you plan to travel. Some areas may not accept a credit card. Be sure that your cell phone plan also offers coverage. If you have an emergency, try dialing 066 in Mexico, which is the same as dialing 911 in the United States.

UNO Insurance in Phoenix, AZ is here to help you understand your Mexico Auto Insurance needs and learn about different quotes and rates. We welcome you to contact us today!