Non-Owner Car Insurance

non-owner insurance

How to buy non-owner car insurance

There are several limitations regarding non-owners insurance and we here at UNO Insurance are one of the few providers of this program in the Phoenix, Arizona area and are very familiar with the different processing hurdles to ensure that you get the coverage you need at a rate you deserve.

A non-owner car insurance policy or non-drivers insurance, supplies you with bodily injury and property damage liability coverage when behind the wheel of a vehicle that isn’t yours. Traditionally there won’t be deductible when you make a claim.

What non-owner car insurance covers

A non-owner car insurance policy In Arizona typically includes only the required coverage types, but you can choose limits higher than the minimums. Such as:

  • Liability coverage for property damage and injuries you cause to others, except your passengers.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist protection, which pays out if you’re injured in an accident caused by a driver without any or enough liability insurance.
  • Medical payments or personal injury protection, which pay for your injuries after a wreck no matter who is at fault.

Comprehensive or collision insurance are not covered by non-owner car insurance.

Who needs non-owner car insurance

  • If Arizona requires insurance to get or reinstate a drivers license. Arizona does so under what is sometimes called a “proof of financial responsibility” law.
  • Want have uninterrupted car insurance coverage: Even if you are in the middle of getting a new automobile, not having coverage makes you look irresponsible in the eyes of insurers, leading to higher rates when you do decide to purchase.
  • If you use others’ cars often: The insurance provider of the owner of the car normally covers the cost for an accident, but if damages exceed the owner’s liability limits, you would have to pay whatever the remainder may be.

Who doesn’t need non-owner insurance

  • You own a car in which case, you’d purchase a traditional owner policy that complies with your state’s minimum financial responsibility requirements.
  • You don’t have a driver’s license and will not be obtaining one within 30-days of starting the non-owners policy.
  • There is a vehicle owned by someone in your household. Does your spouse, mom, son, or daughter own a vehicle? If there’s a vehicle in your household, you’ll usually be required to be listed on the car owner’s policy.

If you don’t need non-owner car insurance but are still looking for coverage – Click Here to see our many other insurance options.

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