Auto Insurance after A DUI

Have you recently had a DUI in Phoenix Arizona? Are you wondering what this will do to your auto insurance rates? You are still required to get a certain level of coverage, even if you no longer have access to your own car. UNO Insurance Agency is here to talk about auto insurance coverage after a DUI. Arizona has requirements that offenders will need to meet in order to remain in compliance with the law.

SR-22 Auto Insurance for DUI Offenders

SR-22 is a type of insurance for drivers that have had a DUI. “SR” stands for “safety responsibility” law. The insurance is there to show your future financial responsibility to cover costs and damages now that you are a higher risk driver. SR-22 requires your insurance company to provide a Certificate of Coverage to the State. The Certificate is used to show the state that you have a high-risk insurance coverage. Once it is filed, the government can then keep track that you have active coverage.

Therefore, if you fail to pay your premium, the state is informed. You are usually required to have this Certificate filed for at least three years. If you fail to maintain this certificate of active coverage, then you will likely have to pay more fees and maintain SR-22 for a longer period. Providing the SR-22 will usually have an added charge on top of your insurance premium.

SR-22 Insurance Procedures

You will pay the fee to your insurer for the SR-22 Certificate, and then you will file it with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division. Be sure to follow all court paperwork given to you, and note that the SR-22 will be required when it comes time to reinstate your license. Even after the SR-22 requirement is over, obtaining insurance will be more expensive. Be sure to follow all driving laws and never re-commit the offense.

SR-22 Insurance implies that you meet the minimum coverage limits required by the state. These limits are:

  • Up to or over $10,000 in property damage coverage in one accident,
  • Up to or over $10,000 in bodily injury coverage in one accident, and
  • Up to or over $30,000 in bodily injury for all injuries in an accident.

Offenses that Require SR-22 Insurance

If you have your license suspended, you will need SR-22 Insurance. Here are some of the typical reasons a person needs SR-22:

  • You have multiple offenses resulting in suspension.
  • You have a DUI, DWI, or other serious moving violation.
  • You fail to maintain the mandatory insurance required.

UNO Insurance agency can help you find auto insurance after a DUI; we can get you SR-22 auto insurance in our Phoenix, AZ Offices. We welcome you to call us today!