Auto Insurance Coverage Programs for College Students

This fall, thousands of students returned to Arizona State University. Some choose to attend school locally, and others have moved to Arizona from far away to attend school. College students often have very different needs for using their car. Some keep their car nearby during school, some choose to leave it at home, and others will move the car between home and school. Either way, if a student brought their car to school, then they will want to learn more about local auto insurance requirements. Contact UNO Insurance and we will help you with your questions about auto insurance coverage for college students in Phoenix, AZ.

Ways to Save on Auto Insurance for Students in College

Attending college is usually a time to budget and save so that you can pay for classes or books. When you call UNO Insurance, you will be able to compare quotes from an array of auto insurance companies. Certain insurance may collaborate with your school to offer discounts, or, they will provide general discounts for people in college. In addition, be sure to mention what degree you have or hope to obtain. Some auto insurance companies even offer discounts if you earn certain degrees, such as education or engineering. Even if you graduate, you still may be able to get a discount. Check with your school alumni program for savings!

Another way to save on costs is to reduce the amount of miles you drive. This way, when you call for a quote, you can share that you plan to keep low mileage, which may reduce your rates. If you plan to travel far away from school, you will want to factor in whether you plan to take long trips in the car out of town. Do the math, and come up with an estimate of how many miles you plan to drive for the year. Be sure to ask about your roadside assistance coverage options, as well, in case you have a car issue during your trip.

Selecting the Right Coverage Levels While in College

Again, selecting the right coverage levels while in college all comes down to how much you plan to use your car. Many schools offer buses and public transportation, so you may not need the car as often. Consider how old your car is as well. Many college students get the old family car when they go to school. If your car is older, you can lower your comprehensive coverage needs. Comprehensive auto insurance coverage can provide protection to help replace or repair the car if it is hit or stolen. However, the car value may be very low, and you will not need much comprehensive coverage. Note that if you are a younger student, you may be considered higher risk to insure based off your limited driving record. This can increase rates somewhat.

UNO Insurance is proud to serve college students in Phoenix Arizona with their auto insurance needs; we also offer free quotes, so call today!