Auto Insurance for Companies and Contractors

If you use your car for work, or for a professional driving service such as Lyft or Uber, then navigating your insurance policy may become more complex. You need to assess how often you use the car for personal use versus professional use. When you get insurance to drive for work, then you should review commercial auto insurance policies. A commercial policy may be needed any time you transport items, people, or services for a fee. In addition, if you employ other people to drive for your company, then you will need to research the right insurance policy. You can contact UNO Insurance Agency in Phoenix, Arizona to discuss rates and plans. We offer competitive quotes from an array of different companies.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Work Purposes

If you have an accident when driving for work, and report this incident to your auto insurance company, they may question whether your company has any responsibility. In addition, many people drive for work, and should be sure to check that they have the right coverage. Driving your car for work may mean you are on the road a great deal, which means you are more at risk for having an accident.

If you are driving for a company that is focused on having you drive on a normal, routine basis for work, such as for pizza delivery, then ask the company who is liable. Some places will add you as a driver on their insurance policy or will even provide you with a vehicle to use. You should check if being on a company policy would invalidate your personal coverage in certain situations.

If you drive your own car for self-employment, the same risk of invalidation may apply. You can see if your liability covers you when driving for another company like Uber or Lyft. Be very honest with insurance companies about how you use your car when setting up your policy.

Below are some great ways to tell if you need commercial auto insurance:

  • If you use the car for ride-share services, as a taxi, or as a professional driver for someone, then you likely need the additional coverage.
  • You may use the car for delivering goods and services, and this may require you to have coverage as well;
  • Your car may actually be owned or registered in the name of your company, so check their policy; or,
  • You may use the car for a business where you tow equipment, and this may need additional commercial coverage.

If you use your car for a mix of private and business purposes, then discuss this when you call for insurance quotes. Be sure to include how much you use the car for each different function. Track the amount of miles you drive and the percentage of time you spend on each.

UNO Insurance is a great resource for commercial auto insurance rates in Phoenix, Arizona; we welcome you to reach out with additional questions.