How Tickets Affect Your Auto Insurance

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What is Your Driving Record? The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) keeps your driving record, which includes past tickets and citations you may have gotten for traffic incidents like running a stop sign or speeding. This record affects your driver’s license and auto insurance rates. You can order a copy of your driving record from […]

How Often Should You Revisit Your Auto Insurance Policy?

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In order to save on auto insurance, most drivers perform an annual auto insurance rate check. Some even check every six months just to keep aware of all the options available. However, if you have a major life event such as a change in residence or marriage, you should also use this time to revisit […]

What are the Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in Arizona?

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If you are going to register your car in Arizona, one of the key things to understand is that the State requires drivers to show proof of their financial ability to pay for a claim if they have a car accident. This can be done through purchasing and showing proof of liability auto insurance or […]

How Auto Insurance Claims Affect Your Insurance Rates

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Auto Insurance Claims You are slowing for a red light when the coffee you’re sipping spills down your new silk shirt. You look down to wipe the stains before they set—suddenly, you feel a bump. You’ve hit the driver in front of you! You both get out and assess the damage, luckily, no one is […]

Cheap Auto Insurance and Why You Don’t Want it.


Is Cheaper Car Insurance Worth It? Here at UNO Insurance, we understand cars can be costly. Between gas, car payments, maintenance, and insurance—your monthly bills can really add up. It is smart to look for ways to save, but be careful when it comes to your auto insurance. If you end up using a cheap […]

Finding the Right Auto Insurance Policy

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Finding the right auto insurance can be a time-consuming challenge. Luckily, we here at UNO Insurance Agency can help you compare rates and obtain several quotes to help you find the policy that meets your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for auto insurance. Do Annual Rate Checks and Save […]

Tips for Saving Money on Auto Insurance

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The Benefits of Researching Your Auto Insurance Options We all have numerous bills to pay throughout the month. One way to manage your budget is to look at how you can reduce your auto insurance payments. The professionals at UNO Insurance agency can help you research various insurance plans and obtain quotes that may help […]

How your Credit Score Affects your Auto Insurance Rates

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Credit-based Insurance Scores Versus Credit Scores Most consumers are aware that they have a credit score. A credit score is a number that is generated by your credit report, which can be used by lenders to measure your ability to repay debt. What many consumers may not know is that auto insurance companies also use […]

Finding Inexpensive Insurance for Your Teen Driver


Teen Coverage can be Expensive When your teen turns 16 and obtains their license and wants to get a car, it can be hard to find cheap coverage. Teen drivers may have no driving history, and may be seen as riskier to insure, which can drive the costs up. Here at UNO Insurance Agency in […]

Making the Most of Your Car’s Warranty


Buying a new car can be so exciting and making sure you protect your investment is very important. When you buy a brand-new car from a dealership, it may come with a short manufacturer’s warranty that covers major systems, such as the power train. After the initial time or mileage agreement under the warranty is […]