Denied Renters Insurance Claims

We are sure many readers of this post have never had the misfortune of needing to use their renters insurance. Even less likely are those that have had a renter’s insurance claim denied. However, it can happen, and it is important to understand why as well as what to do next. UNO Insurance Agency in Phoenix, Arizona can help you compare rates from several different companies for renters insurance. Contact our friendly team today and get the peace of mind that comes with affordable rental insurance.

Why are Renters Insurance Claims Denied?

While rare, people do make mistakes or willfully fraudulent claims that are denied. It is important to understand how you will need to document a renter’s insurance claim when you first get your policy. The sooner you file your insurance claim the better after items or your home is damaged. Be sure to take photos, document everything carefully, and save receipts for items you own somewhere safe.

Claims can be denied because the company does not cover the issue, for instance, many do not cover earthquake damage. In addition, you may be filing a claim for an item not covered by your policy. Another reason for denial may be that the company does not have enough evidence on the value of items lost or they determine the building’s owner should pay the damages.

What to do if Your Renters Insurance Claim is denied

If your claim is denied, contact the company to learn more about why. Next, determine how you can dispute or file an appeal to their decision. Gather more evidence as to the value of items you have lost and the source of the claim. Make sure you have used the correct form and procedures, as well.

In some cases, the company may want to come inspect your home, particularly if you have a high value item. Some policies will take into consideration the depreciated value of the item you seek to replace. It may seem to the reviewer that your TV is too old and carries no value. Consider getting a policy that pays to replace items rather than paying you an assessed value. This may be more expensive, but worth it if you have important items.

What Items are Typically Covered by Renters Insurance

Renters insurance can help cover costs of pricier valuables and furniture, such as computers, TVs, and beds. Some plans will replace expensive clothing or jewelry. In addition, you can request coverage to help pay for damages to property of the neighbor to injuries of your guests.

How Do I Get Renters Insurance?

Some items you will need to have prepared when you go to apply for renters insurance include:

  • The address and type of building you rent as well as what security features it has.
  • An estimated cost of the value of your items.
  • The age and maintenance of your building.

UNO Insurance in Phoenix, AZ can help you compare quotes from several different companies for Renters Insurance, contact us today for more information.