Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Do you use your car to make extra cash on deliveries or drive goods for your company? If you use your car for a purpose outside of personal use, then you may want call UNO Insurance in Phoenix, Arizona and find out rates for commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance may be needed when you transport individuals, goods, or services for a fee. Perhaps you own a business, and you employ people to drive. You may be required to purchase commercial coverage for employees. Alternatively, you may be self-employed, and need to tow heavy items. Whatever your needs are—you can call UNO Insurance Agency to compare many different commercial auto insurance rates.

When You May Need Commercial Auto Insurance

If you drive your car for a business-related purpose, then insurance companies may see your car as more at risk it its daily use. You may also work for a company that hires you to drive. This company may cover your insurance through their commercial auto policy. However, if you are driving your personal car for a company, then it may invalidate your personal auto policy. Your company’s coverage may include some liability coverage—but is it enough? When you call for rates, be honest about whether you are “driving-for-hire” by companies like Lyft or Uber. You will want to make sure you have all the coverage you need.

Reasons you may need commercial auto insurance include:

  • If you use the car for the pickup or delivery of materials such as newspapers, pizza, or food;
  • If you use the car for messenger or ride-share services, such as Uber, taxis, or limousines;
  • If your car is registered or titled to a business or corporation;
  • If you add-on equipment for commercial use to your car (for example snowplows, catering, or towing equipment, etc.)

You need to consider commercial auto insurance, even if your car is being driven for both personal and business usage.

What Commercial Auto Insurance Can Include

Commercial auto insurance policies generally include similar features as personal auto insurance. Policies can include:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage—may help pay for injuries if you are found “at fault” in an accident, and may even help cover legal costs.
  • Physical Damage Coverage—may help repair or replace the car if there is a flood, fire, vandalism, or theft.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage—helps pay for repairs if your car is hit by an uninsured or an under-insured driver.
  • Collision Coverage—helps pay for objects you hit or may pay for damages caused by objects that hit your car.

UNO Insurance agency can help you find out more about commercial auto insurance and get you competitive rates in our Phoenix, AZ Offices. We welcome you to call us today!