Filing a Renters’ Insurance Claim

If you rent an apartment, consider the option of buying renters’ insurance to protect your personal items. This type of insurance can come in handy if there is a fire or other disaster that damages your furniture, clothing, or appliances. While the property owner may have insurance for their building, it may not always cover your personal items if they are lost, stolen or damaged. This week, UNO Insurance Agency is here to tell Phoenix, Arizona residents how to file a claim through your renters’ insurance company.

Using Your Renters’ Insurance Plan

If your personal items were recently lost, damaged, or stolen, then you will want to file the insurance claim quickly. Filing the claim correctly may help you get compensation for your losses faster. Making a mistake could result in having your claim denied, or, getting less than you are entitled to receive. Here are some of the basic steps for using your renters’ insurance.

  • Report the indent to the property owner, including any damages or losses. The property owner can also help alert other residents in the building of any safety concerns.
  • If there was a theft, report your losses to the police. This is usually required in order to make a claim. Be sure to get the name and badge numbers of anyone that contacts you.
  • Secure your apartment against further damage or theft. For instance, if windows were broken, be sure to board them up.
  • Contact the renters’ insurance company to report the issue and find out if your losses are covered. Many companies require claims to be reported within 72 to 48 hours after an incident.
  • When you contact the company, provide your policy number, details about the damage, time of damage, and your contact information.
  • Provide a documented list of items lost. Ideally, you have proof of purchase for items that you want to be covered. You should also take video or photos of the damages. The claims processor may want you to keep the damaged items for further review.

Completing Your Renters’ Insurance Claim

The rental insurance company should have a claims form you can use to document your losses. It is best to be as detailed as possible on this form. Gather your documentation, receipts, policies, and any police reports that are relevant. In high value claims, the insurance staff may want to come to your home for an inspection to verify the losses. Ideally, you have kept good records of your past purchases made.

While we hope you never experience a loss in your home, UNO Insurance in Phoenix, AZ is here to help with your renters’ insurance needs. Contact our helpful staff today for further details!