Frequently Asked Questions About SR-22 Auto Insurance

Many people get confused when they learn they will need SR-22 Auto Insurance. It is important to understand everything you need to know so that you can stay eligible to drive in the future. UNO Insurance Agency in Phoenix, Arizona is here to tell you about the most frequently asked questions we get about SR-22 Auto Insurance.

What Is SR-22 Auto Insurance?

SR-22 Auto Insurance is required for Arizona drivers who may have their license suspended for an offense such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI). The “SR” in SR-22 Insurance stands for “Safety Responsibility” law. SR-22 is a certificate that comes with your auto insurance to show proof of your future financial responsibility to pay for damages from auto accidents. The certificate is filed with the state to verify that you have higher risk auto insurance. In addition, the state is notified if your insurance is cancelled.

How do I Get SR-22 Auto Insurance?

In order to purchase SR-22 Auto Insurance, you must work with an auto insurance company approved by the state of Arizona to provide such coverage. You should also ask if the company would cover you with SR-22 insurance for the length of time that is required by your sentence, which is usually three years or longer. You also need to get higher coverage thresholds that qualify you to file the SR-22 Certificate. The company can take care of filing the certificate for you with the state, but you will have to pay an extra fee for this.

How Much Does SR-22 Auto Insurance Cost?

You can contact UNO Insurance Agency for SR-22 Insurance quotes. Most companies charge a flat fee to file the certificate; however, your auto insurance rates will go up due to your driving offense. The fee will be added to any rate you pay for coverage.

How Long Does it Take to File SR-22 Insurance?

Usually the request to file the SR-22 Insurance Certificate can be taken care of in one business day. Ask your insurance company for details on the requirements.

What do I do to get out of SR-22 Insurance Requirements?

Once you are required to have this type of insurance, you must pay for and carry it for the time required by law. Sometimes it will even be needed if you do not have a car, but may have to drive another vehicle. Showing proof of this coverage will be required when you go to reinstate your license. At this time, the courts may remove the requirement.

UNO Insurance agency can help you find out more about SR-22 auto insurance rates and save in our Phoenix, AZ Offices. We welcome you to contact us with any further questions you have.