How the SR-22 Can Affect Your Driving Record

No one wants to be required to get SR-22 auto insurance; this means you made some legal mistakes. These mistakes will remain in your driving record for some time, even if you get the required insurance. Insurance companies will review your records to make decisions on how much to raise your monthly rates. Read more to learn about what sorts of penalties will require you to get SR-22 insurance, how you get SR-22 insurance, and how these penalties will affect your driving record in the future. UNO Insurance Agency in Phoenix, AZ can help you get quotes for SR-22.

What Is SR-22 Auto Insurance?

SR-22 Insurance actually refers to a certificate that you have to file with the state to prove that you have appropriate coverage. The state then monitors to ensure that you have higher risk insurance and are keeping a plan on file.  If you cancel your insurance while the SR-22 is on file, then you will be penalized. Here are some reasons why you may be required to get SR-22 insurance:

  • You drove with inadequate insurance, suspended registration, or qualifications.
  • You were convicted of Driving Under the Influence.
  • You had too many accidents or traffic tickets in a certain period.

Your insurance company may choose to drop you if you are required to get SR-22, since you may be seen as too risky to insure.

How Long Does SR-22 Stay on Your Record?

While this can vary, most SR-22s will stay on the record for three years. A court will inform you how long you are required to have the certificate. Once that time ends, follow instructions from the court to clear the certificate from your driving record. You can then contact the DMV and insurance company to confirm the changes.

SR-22 Penalty Extensions

In some cases, the SR-22 time can be extended. This will occur if you commit another driving offense while on SR-22 insurance. In addition, the time may be lengthened if you fail to drive with the correct insurance or cancel your plan. You may need to move during this time, if you happen to change your residence, it is important you update all of your records.

If your move is to a new state, then contact their motor vehicle department for their SR-22 requirements. Insurance companies in that state could have entirely different coverage requirements imposed by the law. Consider trying to work with the same company that serves multiple states. On the plus side, some states may not have an SR-22 law at all.

UNO Insurance agency can help you learn more about SR-22 auto insurance in our Phoenix, AZ Offices. We welcome you to call us with any questions and to compare rates.