How to Be a Better Driver and Save on Auto Insurance

Are you looking for tips to save money in your budget? Do you feel you pay too much for auto insurance? You may not always be able to control how much money you have during the month, but you can certainly control how you drive and use your car. This week, the specialists at UNO Insurance agency are here to give you some tips to be a better driver and save on auto insurance.

Safety Tips to Become a Better Driver

Many auto insurance companies are offering discounts or credits on coverage rates for good driving skills. Indeed, being a better driver will also save you from traffic tickets and headaches if you have a moving violation. Points on your record will cause your rates to rise. Following other safety tips to keep your car in good condition will also lessen your likelihood of an accident. Here are some tips to follow and save:

  • Drive at or below the speed limit to avoid traffic tickets and accidents.
  • Use your blinker and lights when necessary and be sure your bulbs stay in good condition.
  • Be sure to perform all required maintenance on your car and check your brakes and tires for safety or repairs.
  • If you plan to drive in rain or snow, take extra care to be sure your tires are adequate. Check if chains are needed where you are going. If you can avoid driving in bad weather, it is highly recommended that you do so to avoid accidents.
  • Be sure all fluid levels are adequate and that your fluids can adapt to freezing conditions as needed. Also, get your belts checked during maintenance.
  • Ensure you have needed back up items for safety, such as jumper cables, flashlights and crank radios.
  • Be a defensive driver; do not react badly in if someone else is being aggressive towards you. Keep a safe distance from drivers who are being unsafe or who have unsafe cars.

Tips for Saving on Auto Insurance

We hope you drive safe and that you never have any accidents or tickets. Doing so will save you on auto insurance. If you already are a safe driver, here are some other suggestions to save on auto insurance:

  • If you drive an older car with low value, consider dropping down to liability only coverage or lower your options to reduce the rates you pay.
  • Ask about discount programs for the colleges you attended or you place of work.
  • If you buy a car, consider getting a used or an older car so that you do not need as much coverage. Be sure the car is still adequate and safe.
  • Research which cars are cheaper to insure when you go to shop around.

UNO Insurance in Phoenix, AZ is here to help you lessen the amount you pay for auto insurance packages; we hope you contact us to compare rates.