Insuring Your Car for Use in Your Business

Do you drive Lyft or Uber or use your car for another type of delivery service? Do you wonder what sort of auto insurance coverage you need? Commercial auto insurance is usually needed if you transport people, goods, or services for your income. It is needed if your business employs other people to drive or you provide a fleet of cars for your employees. Read on below to see if you may need to purchase commercial auto insurance to cover your business. UNO Insurance Agency in Phoenix, Arizona can help you compare rates, whether you use the car for business use, personal use or both.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your insurance company learns that your drive your car both for business and personal use, then they will want appropriately manage the risk. You should always check with your employer to see what coverage they offer you. “Drive for hire” companies like Lyft and Uber are usually very clear about their requirements for drivers. You should check with your own policy-holder as well. The commercial auto insurance may conflict with or invalidate your personal coverage.

If you are using your car for delivery or pick up of items like newspapers, food, or other courier services, then you may need commercial insurance as well. You can also register and title the car to the business you use it for. Be sure to keep careful track of when you are using it for work versus personal use. Attach signage or official business magnets to the exterior of the car to make it clear when it is in work use. In addition, if you tow large items or use your car to cater or plow roads, make this clear to your insurer. You will want to be sure you have good coverage for any claim someone may try and file against you.

Features of Commercial Auto Insurance

The features of commercial auto insurance are pretty much identical to personal car insurance plans. You can purchase coverage for both bodily injury and property damage. Be sure to get good deductibles and high ceilings that can cover both medical and legal costs as needed. You will still need the coverage for uninsured motorists, theft, or flood damage—as well. Collision coverage is also included in most plans, as well as road side assistance options.

When you call UNO Insurance Agency to get rates for commercial auto insurance, be sure to include all the details on the nature and equipment used in your auto business. Mention if the company you work for may also provide some element of insurance. We have helped many Phoenix, Arizona drivers get protection for both their business and personal needs—so contact us to day with your questions!