Minimum Requirements for Auto Insurance in Arizona

Are you looking to get auto insurance but worried about the cost? Are you new to the state Arizona and looking up the requirements to insure your car? This week, UNO Insurance Agency in Phoenix, Arizona is here to tell you about the state of Arizona’s minimum auto insurance requirements.

The Arizona Mandatory Liability Auto Insurance Law

In order to understand requirements for auto insurance in Arizona, start first with the law. The state has specific requirements for liability. These rules not only apply to cars, but to golf carts, motorcycles, and mopeds as well. First, you must work with a state approved insurance agency. You can contact UNO Insurance to learn about qualified companies that work in Phoenix. Here are the minimum policy coverage requirements, be sure to check that your insurance includes these before you buy it:

  • $30,000 per accident and $15,000 per person for bodily injury.
  • $10,000 for property damage liability.
  • $30,000 per accident and $15,000 per person for uninsured motorist bodily injury.
  • $30,000 per accident and $15,000 per person for underinsured motorist bodily injury.

Remember, the company providing your insurance must be licensed in the state of Arizona, an out-of-state policy will not qualify.

What happens if you are Caught Driving without Car Insurance

If you are driving and are pulled over or stopped by the police, the officers will ask for proof of your auto insurance. However, this may not be the only way you can be caught for not having insurance. The insurance company can also notify the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) if you cancel your policy, change your policy, or fail to renew a policy. At this time, the MVD will contact you to verify insurance. Failure to keep updated insurance may cause your driver’s license or registration to be suspended. You then have to pay fees to reinstate your license.

In addition, if your license is suspended, the state can require you to have SR-22 insurance and show proof of future financial responsibility to pay if you have an accident. SR-22 comes with additional costs to provide proof of insurance. In addition, the state requires you to have SR-22 for three years after a suspension.

Other Auto Insurance Requirements

There are many requirements for having insurance and reporting on insurance. For instance, many people believe they have a while to get insurance when they get a new car. However, you required to have insurance immediately upon registering the car. If your car is taken off the road for an extended period, and you decide to drop coverage for it, then you can file a notice of de-insurance. This way, your car cannot be suspended for lack of coverage, unless you do decide to drive it while uninsured.

UNO Insurance in Phoenix, AZ is standing by to help you set up a great auto insurance policy. Our professional staff are here to answer all the questions you may have.