New Arizona Driving Laws and What You Need to Know

As 2018 draws to an end, UNO Insurance wants to recap the laws that changed for Phoenix, Arizona drivers. Avoiding traffic tickets and other offenses can help you save on car insurance! Read on to learn more about the changes affecting drivers. Many new Arizona state laws passed in 2018, and more are on the way. Recent changes include rules around driving under the influence, wrong way driving, using cell phones, driving permits, and even license plates!

Wrong-Way Drivers

In response to a growing number of wrong way driving instances, the Arizona State Legislature approved a 2018 bill to increase the penalties. HB 2243 passed in March, and includes increases in the 2019 Arizona state budget to monitor wrong way driving. Funds enhance the Wrong-Way Driver Night Watch, which is program to improve the response time to impaired and wrong-way drivers. The funds support thermal cameras on the freeways that help monitor wrong-way entrances.

The law increases fines and penalties for wrong-way drivers: Initial fees include a $500 fine and requirement to attend traffic survival school.  HB 2243 also makes it a felony if a driver is caught driving the wrong-way under the influence. Drive safely and monitor the signs on the road, getting a wrong-way driving offense could greatly increase your costs and auto insurance rates.

Laws Prohibiting Cell Phone Usage for Teens

Laws that took effect in 2018 increased penalties for the use of cell phones by new, teen drivers. The legislature passed SB 1080, which bans the use of cell phones while driving for teens for the first six months after receiving their license. The laws are strict. In fact, the first offense will result in a $75 fine and drivers license restrictions for 30 days. The second offense is a $100 penalty with 60-day restrictions. The state is implementing the new laws in hopes of reducing crashes caused by distracted drivers using cell phones.

Covering License Plates Banned

Surprisingly, it took many years to pass a law that restricts covering your license plate. The law even bans use of specific coating substances on your plates. All plate numbers, tabs, years, and jurisdiction information must be visible. The first offense will earn you a $30 fine. A second offense increases the fine to $100 if repeated in 12 months.

Other Driving Law Changes

There were many new laws passed in Arizona taking effect in 2018, and we will update you next year on even more changes. The laws include the following:

  • Increases to penalties if you cause an accident that kills or injures others and you do not have insurance;
  • Additional fees on traffic tickets to pay for equipment and training for police; and
  • Requirements to have photos for traffic ticket citations sent by private monitoring companies be reviewed first by a law enforcement officer.

UNO Insurance in Phoenix, AZ is here to help you save on auto insurance. You can help yourself save by staying current on the driving laws and avoiding future tickets!