Reasons Auto Insurance Claims Are Denied

Have you been turned down for your auto insurance claim? UNO Insurance Agency in Phoenix Arizona has helped many drivers set up great auto insurance policies. However, you may run into the rare occurrence of having your auto insurance claim be denied by your company. This week, we are here to tell you what to do if you are turned down. Below are some tips for filing and addressing auto claims.

Reasons Your Auto Insurance Claim May Be Denied

Auto Insurance is there to help you when you have an accident. However, insurance companies are also a for profit business. To maximize profits, insurance companies will not pay a claim if it does not meet specific criteria. Here are some reasons why your claim may have been denied, however it is always important to call and ask your insurer directly.

1) One obvious reason your claim may have been turned down is that you are not actually covered for the claim presented. For example, you may have tried to save on insurance and turned down collision coverage. This means you would not be covered, and, there may be no way to appeal the company’s decision.

2) If you fail to pay your premium then your claim can be denied. This is why most companies offer a payment grace period. If you are denied for this reason, call your company and see if you can work out another plan.

3) You policy will have coverage limits, if your claim exceeds these limits, then you could be denied.

4) Either your car or your name are not correctly added to the policy. For example, if you are a teen and not listed on your parents’ policy, then their claim could be denied. In addition, if you got a new car and failed to add it to the correct policy, then you could be turned away.

These are not all the reasons your claim may be denied, however, if you review your policy and still feel that your claim should be honored, then there is a way to dispute the claim.

Disputing an Auto Insurance Claim Denial

If you read your policy, and feel that your claim should be covered, it is your right to dispute the claim. You can start this process by writing the company with evidence to back your claim. If that does not work, you can also file an appeal with your State Insurance Commissioner. UNO Insurance in Phoenix, AZ is here to get you free quotes on great auto insurance plans, contact us today for more information.