Safety Tips for the Holidays from UNO Insurance

Holiday Safety Tips from Insurance Specialists

This week, the specialists at UNO Insurance agency are here to give you some safety tips for the holidays. We hope you have suitable auto and rental insurance coverage for your winter activities. You are welcome to call our Phoenix, Arizona offices if you are not sure. We can help you save on bundled auto and rental insurance packages. However, the smartest way to save on insurance is to practice good safety. Here are some safety tips for your home holiday decorating and winter auto travels.

Safety Tips to Avoid Fires during the Holidays

When you purchase renters insurance, you are purchasing piece of mind. If your items become damaged by fire or smoke—you may be eligible for replacement of your valuables. Here are some tips to stay safe during holiday festivities:

  • If you’re cooking, be sure to have the following:
    • A working smoke detector near the kitchen;
    • A working fire extinguisher; and,
    • Lids and other items to extinguish cooking that may catch fire—you may want to deep-fry those turkeys outside, to be safe!
  • Are you decorating? Here are some electrical safety tips:
    • Turn off the Christmas tree lights when unmonitored;
    • Consider using fake LED candles, or, keep lit candles well attended if real; and,
    • Check that your Christmas tree is placed far away from hazards, and that the light wires are not frayed.

Safety Tips for Cold Weather/Storms

We hope that you stay warm this winter; however, cold fronts are expected to hit certain areas of Arizona. If there is a severe storm expected, it is best to stay off the roads. Arizona storms can come with sleet, snow, and blizzards. It is important to understand how to prepare your car. Here are some tips for car travel during winter:

  • If you need to prepare your car to travel into winter weather, include:
    • Enough antifreeze ensure that it will not freeze when driving;
    • Full tanks of gas-which helps prevent the fuel from freezing;
    • Windshield fluid that is rated for freezing weather;
    • Well-treaded tires, chains, and quality brakes/brake fluids;
    • Check that your oil is not a type will not coagulate easily in cold;
    • Carry hand-crank flashlights and radios; and
    • Include flares, jumper cables, tow chains, extra blankets, and first aid kits.
  • During winter, it is helpful to prepare the following in your emergency kit for your car:
    • Sand or rock salt (sand improves traction if stuck and salt helps melt ice);
    • Extra fuel and water
    • Snow shovels and snow removal equipment; and
    • A radio that tunes to the National Weather Station (NWS).

UNO Insurance in Phoenix, AZ is here to help you save on renter and auto insurance packages; we hope you have a happy holiday season.