Three Tips for Buying Mexico Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance When Driving to Mexico: Three Tips

UNO Insurance Agency in Phoenix, Arizona is here this week to share three tips that can help you when you are taking a trip south of the border and plan to drive. Your current auto insurance coverage in the United States cannot protect you or your car in most Mexico driving situations. It is important to plan your travel carefully and call the agents at UNO Insurance for Mexico Auto Insurance rates before you leave.

Mexico Auto Insurance: Tip Number 1: Understand the Types of Coverage

When you travel to Mexico, the types of coverage you will need are similar to what is in your United States auto insurance plan. However, the Mexico government may not acknowledge the U.S. coverage you that already have. You will want to purchase approved Mexico Auto Insurance coverage from agencies like UNO Insurance. Be sure to read the fine print, so you understand what is being offered. Here are types of coverage to consider:

  • Legal Assistance Coverage—you may be detained if you get into an auto accident until you can show proof of ability to pay for any damages. Legal Assistance Coverage may provide some assistance in this scenario.
  • Liability Coverage—this will help pay for any damage done to another person’s car or for any injuries that you may cause if you get into an accident.
  • Medical Coverage—this may help if you are injured and need access to medical attention.
  • Collision and Theft—this insurance helps if you are in an accident due to things like road hazards or if your car or belongings are stolen.

Mexico Auto Insurance: Tip Number 2: Drive Safe and Bring Cash

When you drive into another country, the laws and safety regulations can be quite different. You may have to drive around other cars with inadequate safety features. In Mexico, certain roads are blocked when there are road slides or heavy cattle crossings. You should drive slowly and safely, and bring plenty of water and other emergency roadside items. It is also important to carry cash in the currency of the country where you are traveling. This is so you can pay for anything that comes up, as many areas will not accept a credit card. In addition, your Mexico Insurance policy may take time to process, and you may need access to cash immediately.

Mexico Auto Insurance: Tip Number 3: Your Coverage Can Be Nullified

If you are caught driving under the influence, this can nullify your Mexico Auto Insurance. In addition, the coverage that you do have may not meet your needs. Many plans offer limits on miles driven, so it is important to read everything carefully. Be sure that you do not do anything negligent that will cancel your policy coverages.

UNO Insurance in Phoenix, AZ is here to help you understand your Mexico Auto Insurance needs and save—we can even get you a same day quote!