Tips on Auto Insurance Coverage for Teen Drivers

If your teen is learning to drive, and will be taking their driver’s license test soon, then it is time to start shopping around for auto insurance. Since they do not have a driving record, providing auto insurance coverage may seem riskier for some carriers. You will want to ensure you have adequate coverage while still trying to get a good rate. UNO Insurance Agency in Phoenix, Arizona wants to help local families understand auto insurance policies for teen drivers. Read on below for more information.

Adding a Teen Driver to Your Policy

If you are trying to save funds on teen auto insurance, start by asking to add them to your own auto insurance policy. Many companies offer discounts for bundled and family policy plans. Either way, adding them to the plan is going to cost you more. Statistics show that new drivers are more dangerous on the road. Consider adding the teen to your policy as they complete their learner’s permit. You can check if they will charge anything to cover your car while they learn to drive. Once they get their license, call the company to have them formally added to the policy.

Ways to Save on Insurance for Teen Drivers

Considering the costly nature of auto insurance for teen drivers, it is best to do anything you can to save on coverage, while still protecting yourself. Here are some great tips to save:

  • Ask about discounts or incentives for good grades in school, or for enrolling them in additional driving courses.
  • Seek discounts for lower miles driven or older cars.
  • Start a new driver out in an older, used car. This way, if the car is damaged, the new dents and dings will not matter. Older cars are often cheaper to insure.
  • Look into economic car models as well, and cars with added safety features.
  • Compare rates and shop around before making a decision.

Selecting the Right Coverage Levels for Your Teen

The right coverage levels for your teen can be measured by how often they will use the car. Many schools offer buses and public transportation, so they may not need it as often. However, you do not want to shave off too much coverage just to save. If they have an accident, then your own assets may be at risk. You can check on umbrella coverage policies for added protection. You will want to ask about full coverage policies with higher limits and manageable deductibles.

Insuring a teen driver can seem daunting, but we are here to help. UNO Insurance is proud to serve families in Phoenix Arizona with their teen auto insurance needs; we also offer free quotes, so call today!