Two New Arizona Driving Laws in 2019

Increases to registration fees and changes in requirements for impounding vehicles are two laws that went into effect for Arizona drivers in 2019. One law supports safety for Arizona drivers, and comes with increased fees. The other law appears to benefit drivers and give them a break. UNO Insurance Agency is here to tell Phoenix, Arizona customers about the new laws in this week’s post. Feel free to contact our office with any questions and to obtain quotes on auto insurance rates for 2019.

Public Safety Registration Fee Goes Into Effect

According to Fox 10 news, there is some controversy around this law, since it tacks a new fee onto annual registration renewals. For the majority of drivers, this will cost an additional $32 per year. The fee will help to provide funds for highway patrol and public safety costs. Regardless of whether you pay registration annually, or in two-to-five year increments, you will have to pay the yearly fees all up front.

Some of the services funded by this fee include arresting drivers under the influence, helping during distress calls from commuters, and air or road patrolling of the vast Arizona freeway systems. Even golf cart and off-road vehicle owners will have to pay a small fee, which is estimated at $5 by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

The fees will also support maintenance and construction of new high ways. This creates a separate source for funding highway patrols, which was originally lumped into the gas tax fee. The gas tax fee supports highway maintenance, so this new law allows a unique source of revenue to sustain public safety measures.

Vehicle Impoundment Requirement for a Suspended License Eliminated

Another legal change for drivers in 2019 may help car owners save some money. Police officers will no longer be able to impound a vehicle if they find that the privilege to drive has been suspended during a traffic stop. While there still may be other reasons an officer can impound the car, a suspended license cannot be the sole reason. It is important to note that this still means an office may impound the car if the license has been fully revoked.

This change could save drivers from very costly impoundment fees. Not only can a car be held for 30 days after being impounded, it can cost at least $750 to remove the car from the impound lot. If the license is still revoked at the time of removal, a driver must find another person to take the car or abandon it. This law appears to help save drivers with a suspended license from a real headache, however, it is important not to drive on a suspended license and take other risks.

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