What is Emergency Roadside Assistance Coverage

Emergency Roadside Assistance Coverage

Did you know that many insurance companies also offer emergency road service coverage? This can be added for a minimal cost for more piece of mind if you have a lockout or breakdown. Adding this feature to your insurance can help you get coverage for emergency needs like towing, lock-outs, flat tires, battery repairs, or fuel delivery. You can call the helpful representatives at UNO Insurance Agency to learn more about different emergency road service coverage plans in Phoenix, Arizona.

Selecting the Right Roadside Assistance Plan

When you call to learn more, be sure you are prepared to discuss how far you drive and think through what coverages you may need. You can purchase towing through certain auto clubs, but you can also find more convenience by purchasing roadside assistance with your auto insurer. Do not assume that auto insurance alone will help you if you need to tow your car or run out of gas. If you drive far, consider a plan with a longer range of towing miles and service access options. Some companies will contract directly with a roadside assistance provider, and others will use service professionals to dispatch local providers to help when you call.

Emergency Road Services You May Need

It is important to read and understand the details of the services that you may need. Here are some helpful tips to consider:

  • Towing/Extrication: If the road service provider cannot get your car to a drivable state, they can offer to tow the car. Most plans place a limit on the number of miles you can be towed. If you run over this limit, then the company will charge you for the additional miles. If your car is really stuck it may require “extrication” or “winching” this means additional resources need to be deployed to dislodge your car.
  • Lockout/Locksmith Service: If the driver of a company helps you open your car door through a wedge or a tool to open the door handle, it is considered a lockout service. However, if they cannot get in the car through their various means, then they may need to call a locksmith. It is important to understand the difference between the two.
  • Battery Jump-Start Service: The road service company may attempt to jump and recharge your battery. If this fails, then some plans and service providers are prepared to change out your battery on the spot! Be sure you understand what this costs and how the replacement battery is warrantied and serviced.
  • Flat tires: It is important to ensure your safety and work with a professional if you get a flat tire and need to put on the spare tire. You can call for help under your roadside assistance coverage. Be sure to note that some places will not change tires on a motorcycle or two-to-three wheeled vehicle.

UNO Insurance agency can help you find out more about emergency road assistance auto insurance coverage and savings in our Phoenix, AZ Offices. We welcome you to call us today!