Home Flooding and Renters Insurance

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You have rented a new apartment and there is a major leak in your master bathroom—effectively flooding your bedroom and destroying your wardrobe, furniture, and bed. Luckily, you have bought renters insurance, and you are covered, or so you think.  This week, UNO Insurance Agency is here to tell Phoenix Arizona residents how renter insurance […]

What to Do After an Auto Accident in Mexico


If you are planning a trip to Mexico, and you drive your car across the border, your U.S. Auto Insurance policy will not work if you have an accident. You should be sure to check coverage and purchase Mexico Auto Insurance, which we have discussed in past topics. This week, UNO Insurance Agency wants to […]

Two New Arizona Driving Laws in 2019

Arizona Car Insurance Requirements

Increases to registration fees and changes in requirements for impounding vehicles are two laws that went into effect for Arizona drivers in 2019. One law supports safety for Arizona drivers, and comes with increased fees. The other law appears to benefit drivers and give them a break. UNO Insurance Agency is here to tell Phoenix, […]

Do I need SR-22 Insurance if I Don’t have a Car?

Arizona SR-22 Insurance Quotes

If you had a DUI or DWI in the State of Arizona, and you do not have a car, you may be shocked to learn that you may still be required to have an SR-22.. The SR-22 helps prove to the state your financial responsibility to drive and it will be needed to reinstate your […]

Reasons Auto Insurance Claims Are Denied

Young Man Worries About Debt and Money

Have you been turned down for your auto insurance claim? UNO Insurance Agency in Phoenix Arizona has helped many drivers set up great auto insurance policies. However, you may run into the rare occurrence of having your auto insurance claim be denied by your company. This week, we are here to tell you what to […]

Renters Insurance: FAQs with UNO Insurance Agency

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At UNO Insurance Agency, we get many questions from Phoenix Arizona residents who are trying to understand renters insurance. While it can seem like an extra cost, renters insurance is usually a very cheap way to protect yourself and your belongings. This week, we wanted to assemble a list of the frequently asked questions on […]

Auto Insurance: FAQs from UNO Insurance

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It is the season for giving, so we thought we would be extra generous with our advice this week. We are adding a post about auto insurance coverage FAQs. The terms and jargon associated with car insurance policies can get confusing. Read on below—UNO Insurance Agency is here to help Phoenix, Arizona drivers with their […]

New Arizona Driving Laws and What You Need to Know


As 2018 draws to an end, UNO Insurance wants to recap the laws that changed for Phoenix, Arizona drivers. Avoiding traffic tickets and other offenses can help you save on car insurance! Read on to learn more about the changes affecting drivers. Many new Arizona state laws passed in 2018, and more are on the […]

Finding Auto Insurance after a DUI

Arizona SR-22 Insurance Quotes

Getting a DUI (Driving under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) conviction is a serious offense in Arizona. The state has very particular requirements for auto insurance after a DUI, since you are now considered a high-risk driver. In addition, your license will be suspended, making it difficult to find auto insurance companies who […]

Safety Tips for the Holidays from UNO Insurance


Holiday Safety Tips from Insurance Specialists This week, the specialists at UNO Insurance agency are here to give you some safety tips for the holidays. We hope you have suitable auto and rental insurance coverage for your winter activities. You are welcome to call our Phoenix, Arizona offices if you are not sure. We can […]