Cheap Car Insurance! Can you use a different address to get cheaper rates on your car insurance?

How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

People are always trying to gain the system. They’re always trying to figure out a way to get cheaper rates. Who wants to pay more money for anything, especially they’re car insurance? A question I get often and what I want to cover today is, “Can I use a different address for my car insurance?” They say something like “if I have friends or family that have an address in a more rural area, can I use their address on my insurance to get cheaper rates?”

The Answer Most Of The Time Is No.

Here’s what insurance wants to know, and here’s the way to do it by the books to make sure that if something happens, you’re covered. The insurance company wants to know where is that vehicle kept the majority of the time. 51% or more of the time, where is that vehicle kept? So if you do have a cabin up North or a secondary home in a more rural area and you have a vehicle that you leave there, the majority of the year, then in that case, yes, you would be able to use that address for that specific vehicle. But you can’t use that address for all of your vehicles, just to get a better rate on your car insurance for your cars that are kept in Phoenix Arizona.

Rural Addresses Do Lower Car Insurance Rates

List that address for that vehicle specifically and more than likely your insurance rates will go down for that vehicle. Because most of the time rural areas have cheaper rates and insurance. So it’s a trick that if you legitimately have an address in a more rural area and a vehicle’s kept there, the majority of the time, that can save you money. But don’t try and gain the system. Don’t try and trick the system and use a random address of your parents or a friend or another family member. Because all that’s going to do is cause problems come claim time when they realize, oh the vehicle is actually not kept here.

Best Way To Save Money On Insurance

As I always say, the best way to get the best rate on your car, home or any other type of insurance is to use a local broker. A broker can search multiple insurance companies and find the best insurance rate and coverage for your specific needs. Call us today if you have any questions!

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