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Is Your Home Vacant?

Does your insurance company know that? If your home is sitting vacant, for whatever reason, nobody is living there, you need to let your insurance company know. Let them know now!

If you’re renovating, selling, or just not living there, your insurance company needs to know so that they can make sure your home is properly covered. If your insurance company doesn’t know that your home is vacant and a claim occurs, something bad happens to your house, there are many things that would be excluded and the insurance company would not pay to help repair your home.

What Wont Be Covered?

These are some things that probably wouldn’t be covered if your home was sitting vacant. These would include vandalism to your home, theft to your personal property, and the possibility of freezing. However; we live in Phoenix, Arizona, so pipes freezing probably isn’t going to happen more than two or three weeks out of the year.

Is Coverage Available?

The good news is if you let your insurance company know, and they can add the proper endorsements to your policy, or just write you a whole new policy that gives you the correct coverage for having a vacant home. But it is important to let your insurance company know, let them know why it’s vacant and let them know for how long it’s going to be vacant, so that they can put the proper coverage on your policy.

Like I always say, guys, it’s important to find a good independent agent that has many different options. So, when situations like this arise, they can find the right coverage for your specific scenario. And it’s also important to create a good relationship with your agent so that you can feel comfortable telling them things like this, so that you can always have ongoing dialogue, so that they know what’s happening in your life, and so that they can put you in the right coverage situation. Thank you for reading, guys. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel to get quick tips and tricks like this for all your insurance needs.

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